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My Baby


I love u Corey! 4ever and always! never 4get it.... Your kiss is so sweet,
Your kiss is like fire,
Everytime our lips meet,
The more of you I desire.
Your kiss embraces me with love,
And touches me with such gentleness,
It's like you were sent to me from the lord up above.
Your kiss takes me into a world of my own,
A place where I am not all alone.
Your kiss makes me feel safe in your arms,
Everyday and night,
It makes everything feel alright.
Your kiss assures me that you will be there for me forever,
And that we can make it through anything together.

Me and My baby
@ Shoppingtown mall

ily so much! if i had one wish i would wish to b w/ u all the time and never leave ur side but we dont always get everything we want. U r all i ever wanted and im so glad we r together! For once in my life i am truly happy ... i cant ever go to sleep w/o talkin to u atleast once that day! 2/20 was the best day! i hope we can relive it all over soon!!! EEEEEE!!!! ily hunnie so much.

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Me and My baby
@ the mall



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