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You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

A Shoutouts page lets me say hello and share a few inside jokes over the web. Here's an example of a format I might use.


i love u hunn.... i cant believe we r actually goign out! i never thought i had a chance. i love u to death and nothing will ever change that. please dont fight branden... he can do or say w/e he wants to me but it wont bug me! i love u... so much and i cant lose u.

hey! many gr8 times! i cant believe how much fun we've had. ur like a sister to me. bff i swear... pee pee.... omg lol.... catch ^ with u soon



ily buddy..gotta hang out more... gr8 times in school